promo postcard for Flamenco classes

promo postcard for Flamenco classes

And for something a little different! I was looking through the Parks and Rec class schedule, and Flamenco caught my eye.

We’ve had a couple of meetings now, and it’s super fun. Part of it is the joy of being a super goober newbie at something. Splendidly bad and who cares? And being able to just go and DO something, be a student, not have any overhead besides learning something.

The teacher, Joelle Gonçalves, is also really good. Her dance troupe is Sol Flamenco, which they or some other flamenco group has a space not far from where I live (hmn, maybe seeing it got the idea in my head) and this is her tenth year teaching with Rec and Parks. She’s really encouraging and patient and has a good sense of humor. And is good at breaking things down and explaining them in a way I find accessible and easy to understand. Great focus on getting solid basics, which I really appreciate from my teaching experience.

AND! Super cool thing that I was not expecting but was a really wonderful surprise, there’s live music!!! Guitarist Mark Taylor and his students play for us. Totally fantastic.

I’m having to get used to counting in 6, which is new and different. We’re learning a Sevillanas. The melody actually comes in on a pick up, but then the dance starts on 1. It’s neat how the music and the choreography fit together.

The class is in the new Person Senior Wing at the Finley Center. I hadn’t heard about it before, it’s a really beautiful facility. This is the first class I’ve taken through Rec and Parks, but there’s quite a variety of offerings, and the fees are really reasonable.

If you’re interested in seeing a show, Sol Flamenco is part of the Musical Gift Box Series at the Cinnabar Theatre in Petaluma the first week of February.

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