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IONTW – August 20, 2017

Finding links between seemingly unrelated data sets – tree cover and crime? Cheese! Cool photos of wildlife on Mt. Tamalpais. The otters out of water are particularly neat – I don’t think of them as moving around on land so … Continue reading

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all of U

and the final / last step / icing on the cake – the metal type – take out ALL the us – for the others, well some of them at least, in the 24 point I didn’t use them all … Continue reading

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Grizzlies and Buffalo

Cody, WY is home to grizzlies and buffalo that can be approached at close range! No, not in a zoo, but in the library and other locations around town. And no, they are not live animals, if you can’t tell … Continue reading

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missing u

the next layer except oops, in this face where all the other vowels have (at least) four instances there are only three u, and it doesn’t occur to me until later – hung up on the missing u thing – … Continue reading

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IONTW – August 13, 2017

I don’t consider myself to be particularly afraid of heights but I’m not sure I’d walk over this bridge (World’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, that is). On the other hand, I’d probably be up for checking out the World’s Largest … Continue reading

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2017 SFR El Paseito Mixto Populaire

I’m not sure why I think of the SFR Dual Populaire and Picnic as an End of Season event (Extravaganza? Celebration?) – the weather in this part of Northern California does not shut down riding for the winter months, and … Continue reading

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blue u

u … the end is in sight? oh but what about sometimes y? hmn well I don’t have to decide about that just yet, this is the first layer of u, the wood – went through the drawers and picked … Continue reading

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