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Even planning to visit and seeing the pictures, so knowing that it’s there, seeing the sign… nothing quite prepares one for the sight of Stonehenge on a bluff above the Columbia River. One of those goofy crazy amazing things. You … Continue reading

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Central Washington, high desert I think they call it, and dry yes, out on the hills. But then this is where all those Washington apples come from, and other fruit. Lush green bands incongruously line the edge of the river. … Continue reading

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out and about in Twisp

Twisp Twisp Twisp! It’s just fun to say. Although someone later told me that it’s the local native people’s word for yellow jacket, which did make it somewhat less appealing. Regardless, the town was very sweet, and I was there … Continue reading

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flowers on Starvation Mountain

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Nature’s Sculpture

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scenes and signs around Winthrop

so much spectacular beauty everywhere I looked and then there was this

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Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Yep there’s lots of beer in the Northwest. Of course the brew house in Winthrop was terminally cute as well. I did not make it in to check it out, but they do bottle as well, and I picked up … Continue reading

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window flowers

One of the storefronts in Winthrop had these lovely carved flowers between the windows.

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Winthrop, WA

My friends didn’t tell me that Winthrop is all done up in Old West style, which was pretty cool, since then it was a total kooky surprise. I didn’t actually go in to town and see it until after my … Continue reading

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