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IONTW – April 1, 2018

For the first time since 1956 – if you can believe the intarwebs – April Fools’ Day and Easter are coinciding! You may also have noticed (or not) that Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday were the same day. Public art affecting … Continue reading

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Wind Harp

Tucked into – well, to the extent a 94 foot tall metal sculpture can be tucked into – a light industrial neighborhood now mostly hosting Genentech facilities, the sculpture formerly known as the Cabot Cabot Forbes Tower rises from a … Continue reading

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IONTW – March 26, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Cooked by Michael Pollan – read by the author! It’s a great exploration of the transformative power of cooking – both literal and figurative. Gourds of all sizes and shapes! and bowling ball yard art! … Continue reading

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Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle

2010 Yinka Shonibare, MBE

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do(n’t) touch

My sister and I were enjoying the gardens at Villa Montalvo over the weekend – in addition to the expansive lawn there are a variety of plantings both formal and casual, including an Italianate garden and a succulent garden with … Continue reading

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Carver Harvey

Just walking along through Regent’s Park and WHOA! saw a large feline out of the corner of my eye, which (whew?) didn’t move, even when I approached… turned out to be carved out of wood! This led to a girl … Continue reading

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Great Auk

In addition to numerous living birds, the southwestern edge of the Reykjanes peninsula is home to a sculptural homage to the extinct Great Auk. On the cliffs below Reykjanesviti, Iceland’s oldest lighthouse, the Auk gazes wistfully out to sea toward … Continue reading

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Artists: Bonnie Sucec and Day Christensen More wonderful sculpture in the main branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library, Shards are large beautifully colored glass sculptures hung in various locations around the building. I mostly noticed them in stairwell … Continue reading

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Artists: Ralph Helmick and Stu Schechter A glorious cloud suspended in the main atrium of the main branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library. It gave a sense of mass/filling space that the pictures don’t quite capture. The sculpture … Continue reading

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Making Tracks

from the accompanying informational plaque: Making Tracks February 2005 By G. Brown Design & Cliff Garten Studio honoring Park City’s role in hosting the XIX Olympic Winter Games For 17 days in February 2002, the world watched with admiration as … Continue reading

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