One of the things that probably attracted me to flamenco is the percussive aspect of it. The dancing itself, then there’s hand claps, and then there’s castanets. (Well and there may be other things, but I’m not very far into this adventure.) Anyway, the past couple classes Joelle has had the castanets out for a bit towards the end of the session. So she’s playing AND dancing. Very cool. Of course it does all fit together, but at this point I can’t quite imagine doing it. It’s keeping me busy enough just managing my feet.

But she did let me try the castanets after class. They fit pretty tightly on your thumb, and this is so, at rest, they are open, or apart from each other. You then make the sound by bringing them together with your fingers or tapping them on your body. I did get some rudimentary noise out, but yeah, that’s gonna require some finger coordination. The other thing, that maybe I would have figured out if I’d listened more and thought about it, is that they are a couple! Male and female. The male, lower tone, goes on the left hand, and the female, higher tone, goes on the right hand. Cool!

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