Sol Flamenco

Sol Flamenco performed as part of the Cinnabar Theater’s 40th anniversary celebrations. Called the Musical Gift Box, there was a week plus of various concerts.

I’d been past the theatre, and once in a while a show there sounded interesting, but I’d never made it there to see anything. You have to go up a narrow driveway into their parking lot and the nice volunteers direct you to a spot. My first thought was that getting out would be a jam up, but that turned out to not be the case. I asked the woman who directed me how many cars they could fit up there, she didn’t have a number but did say that all the years of playing Tetris were paying off.

The theatre has some character, but is a nice place to see a show. I’m not sure what the capacity is, the seating was in non-fixed chairs, and there were some tables in some of the rows, so it looks to be somewhat variable. Most people would call it intimate, I’d say. The lobby is one corner section of the building, then the remaining L-ish shape is the theater, with the seating on the legs and the stage/performing area in the other corner. Which, as I’m trying to describe I’m realizing is one of those “picture is worth a thousand words” moments. Anyway, the seating is also stepped up, so really what I’m trying to get at is that there’s not a bad seat in the house. Unless you get stuck behind the seven-foot tall person wearing the stove-pipe hat. But I digress.

The show! Oh, another semi-random tidbit, the troupe brought their own dance floor. There were two guitarists and three dancers who performed, one of the dancers was the teacher of the class I took. Great music, some with singing, some instrumental. For most they were accompanying the dancers, but there were a few numbers that were just music. In one number one of the guitarists did a percussive accompaniment with a hammer on a piece of metal. All of it was really wonderful. Fantastic energy between the dancers and musicians playing together and interacting with the audience.

The dancers of course had splendid outfits, and there were some numbers which also used a shawl with long fringe, which was pretty neat. One of the dancers also had a red velvet pantsuit sorta toreador-ish outfit that she wore for a bit, which gave those numbers a rather different flavor.

Most of the dances were solos, or maybe saying a single dancer at a time would be a better way to put it, since there were always also the musicians, and the other dancers were usually within audience view as well, and sometimes singing or clapping, contributing to the group effort. Then the first set closed with Sevillanas, which is danced with a partner. So that was very cool to see, both for the interplay between the dancers, and since we had learned part of the Sevillanas in the class I took. (Oh THAT’S what it’s supposed to look like. Yeah right.)

A very enjoyable, wonderful show!

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