Fire Recovery

The fires that ravaged Sonoma County have been contained, but there is a long road of rebuilding ahead. Here is a list of organizations and institutions whose funds will be used in the local community. Links range from RCU’s general fund to several more specific funds in my fields of interest or otherwise close to my heart. Particularly as we get into the giving season ahead, please consider making a donation to one or more of these funds. Thank you.

Redwood Credit Union Fire Relief Fund

Redwood Empire Food Bank

I attended both the JC and SSU and had great experiences at both. Many current students, professors and other employees have been affected by the fires.
Santa Rosa Junior College
Sonoma State University

Sonoma County is home to many undocumented immigrants, a good number of them no doubt contributing the physical labor for the “Wine Country.” Anyway, due to their status they are ineligible for some forms of assistance, and possibly reluctant to engage the system for other forms they may qualify for. UndocuFund is raising money for this population.

For the creative community
Creative Sonoma

Trail rebuilding

And spend local!
Here is a list a friend compiled of restaurants whose owners have lost their homes.
Buns & Burgers, Larkfield
China Bowl Bistro, Piner Road
El Patio, 4th St. downtown
Fandees, Sebastopol
Gio’s Pizza, Yulupa Ave (near Kirin I think)
Goji Kitchen, Mendocino Ave
Homerun Pizza, Larkfield
Jeffrey’s Hillside, 4th St. (Near the Flamingo)
KC’s American Kitchen, Windsor
Kin, Windsor
La Texanita, Sebastopol Rd
Lala’s Creamery, Petaluma
Lee’s Noodle House, Hopper Ave
Lupe’s Diner, Windsor
Mai Vietnamese, Cotati
Mel’s Fish & Chips
Pamposh, Mission Circle
Royal China, Santa Rosa
Simply Vietnam, Cleveland Ave
Sushi Hana, Sebastopol
T4 and Poke, Mendocino Ave
Tex Wasabi, Santa Rosa
The Publican, Windsor
Tipsy Taco, Santa Rosa
Toyo Sushi, Marlow Rd

Gratitude Page

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Uji Time

I can’t remember how I heard about the #madeforsocialmediadessertphenomenon of soft serve (er, cream?) in a fish cone, since I’ve somehow managed to resist being assimilated by The Instagrams, but I suppose some things even trickle down underneath my rock. And I like soft serve, and I like taiyaki, so why not? Anyway, I’d seen something about long lines and the fish cones selling out (oh or maybe that’s at the new(er) San Francisco location) – so I was a bit surprised when I first walked by the Berkeley location of Uji Time it seemed like it was closed. The almost next door construction site probably didn’t help with that. Then I did see a sign board out on the sidewalk, and the door opened when I pushed it, so yes… they were open. There’s also a matcha place in the same space, neither had a line.

Who knows how long she’s worked there and how many times she’s had to explain the process, but the girl at the counter was very much over it. Indifferently unhelpful, which I suppose is a step up from rude – but basically RTFMing me. Which, they did have a menu and placard listing all the choices/steps, and I was able to figure it out myself, but it wasn’t like they were crazy busy and I was holding up the entire neighborhood. And, GETOFFMYLAWN!

Anyway, I went with the matcha (green tea) soft serve and red bean filling. The red bean is the traditional filling for taiyaki – or at least the one that I’m used to, so anything else seems kinda weird. There had been a warning on one of the signs that it might be 15 – 20 minute wait for the fish cone to cook and cool (see, I can read directions) but she came back with my treat almost immediately. OK then. The soft serve was a nice consistency and flavorful, and the taiyaki was tasty. It was a fun combination, but not one I feel the need to do again – well maybe if I happened to be right there and there was no line. Mostly it made me want to have more taiyaki, by itself without the soft serve!

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EXCLUSION: The Presidio’s Role in World War II Japanese American Incarceration

2017 was the seventy-fifth anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066, which was what I thought forced the removal and incarceration of 120,000 West Coast Japanese Americans. I would be the first to admit my knowledge is incomplete and I have more to learn – but, there’s more to the story – the Executive Order was just the first step. It authorized the Secretary of War to Prescribe Military Areas. How the Executive Order was implemented by Lieutenant General John L. DeWitt of the Army’s Western Defense Command with 108 civilian exclusion orders and other military directives actually forced the Japanese Americans into concentration camps. DeWitt signed these orders in his office in Building 35 at the Presidio of San Francisco.

The exhibit, which was originally scheduled to run a year, but has been extended, fills a gallery at the Presidio Officers’ Club, with additional related content in the hallways. It is informative and thought-provoking – discussing before, during and after the War, focusing particularly on the Presidio’s role, with a fascinating selection of pictures and documents of the times. I was particularly moved by the listing of all the names of the incarcerees covering the hallway windows. It made the scope of the impact very real at the visceral level. I would recommend a visit if you are in the area.

more pictures, and a virtual tour if you cannot make it in person

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IONTW – April 15, 2018

Yikes! Halfway over, but still National Poetry Month! So, how about an interview with Mary Oliver.

Rhubarb rap! Who knew?!

Today is the last day for three lovely exhibits at Sonoma Valley Museum of Art:
Libros de Artista: Artist’s Books from Mexico and the Mexican Diaspora
An Eye for Adventure: Photographs by Jack London
A.R.T.S. (Art Rewards the Student) Exhibition of works created by fourth and fifth graders in Sonoma Valley in response to the first two exhibits.

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IONTW – April 8, 2018

Virtually resurrecting ancient buildings. And going backward in time with historical aerial photos.

Dedicated to the Preservation of Spray

If you’re in Seattle there’s an excellent looking exhibit up from Expedition Press at Core Gallery.

Bay Area folks there’s a Printers’ Fair and Wayzgoose at the San Jose History Park on April 21.

April is National Poetry Month and National Letter Writing Month! Write On!

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IONTW – April 1, 2018

For the first time since 1956 – if you can believe the intarwebs – April Fools’ Day and Easter are coinciding! You may also have noticed (or not) that Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday were the same day.

Public art affecting the community it is in.

Another way of art interacting with its environment – billboards showing the landscape they block.

Family stories becoming data becoming art.

Engine No. 9, the last original piece of rail equipment from the Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railroad, has been purchased by a historical group in Marin that hopes to restore it and bring it back for display on the mountain.

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IONTW – March 25, 2018

and speaking of birds… Iggy Pop has a cockatoo. and it has an Instagram! who knew?

the internets knows! the power of social media to identify Unidentified.

how have I never heard of The Pop-Up Lady?! Her website could keep me busy for a while!

Next Saturday, March 31, will be the second full moon this month, making it – by some definitions – a blue moon! Which, as you may recall, also happened in January this year – full moons on the 1st and 31st, making no full moon in February. What are the odds of that happening?!

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IONTW – March 18, 2018

Next level playing with your food – of all sorts, and specializing in bananas.

This year marks Santa Rosa’s Sesquicentennial! Or, for those wondering what number that is – 150 year anniversary. Which brings up the question, what would you put in a time capsule? And when was the first time capsule/how did that become a thing to do? And also, what if you threw a time travelers party and nobody came?

Somehow these all seemed related – maybe the themes of changes in technology and the demographics of tech use – women programmers in the early days of computers, the challenges of keeping digital files accessible, and an 80-something year old app writer.

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