something I think I’d like to know, #292

is Santa a religious figure?

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IONTW – December 4, 2016

It’s National Cookie Day!

Mark your calendars – next Sunday, December 11, Open House at North Bay Letterpress Arts.

Too late for Thanksgiving this year, but you can start planning for next year’s surrealist Thanksgiving. And it’s never too late to be grateful.

Fidel has passed, but the tour to Cuba that I went on will be happening again in March 2017.

Rebirth – a 13′ x 10′ pen and ink drawing. That’s right. Feet. Pen and ink.



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another thing I don’t understand, #256

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off to the Big Revolution in the sky

Fidel Castro died last Friday, at the age of 90. Although he had been ill for many years, stepping aside from the presidency in 2006 and then resigning in 2008 and passing the office to his brother Raúl, he was still a powerful and polarizing figurehead. Holding office since 1959, he was perhaps one of the most recognizable heads of state in the world. However, on the trip to Cuba I took a couple of years ago, images of Che Guevara – who was actually from Argentina – were much more prevalent than those of Fidel. Perhaps since Che is dead, and can’t say how his image is used, or maybe it’s the martyr aspect, that he’s been iconized, become shorthand for “Revolution” and commoditized for the tourists. In any case, here are the images of or references to Fidel I came across in my travels. And maybe it’s not the Big Revolution he’s gone to, but a neverending ping pong game that he always wins.

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eIV nameplate

Tiana set the title and colophon, but we’re to print our own, since it’s free choice on the binding. Eric has printed some of each, and has some extras he says are up for grabs, which I did take one of each – the title on a piece of wood veneer and colophon on a medium weight greyish paper. He’d also done a side-bound version for one of his copies – I didn’t ask if that’s how he’ll do the other two as well. From the wax the pages make subtle crinkle rustle that OK maybe I’m stretching it, but somehow does make me think of the sounds of water. He said Lyn had done a great set of collaged boards in a box, which gets me thinking about some sort of structure – I mean 3D form and somehow incorporating water but seriously, is that going to happen in the next week and a half? The chances are slim and none, and looks like slim has just left the building… But I did print a few copies of the title and colophon myself, on some of the paper the book sheets are from (but not waxed), sort of paying attention to the placement on the page, although I probably won’t be using them as pages exactly at least not that size, but who knows. I’ve got some options.

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go with the flow

the printing on the shop-wide pass-it-on piece had finished up, but then the pages just sat there for a while – needing something not quite known which turned out to be waxing, which there’s been a spate of around here, and somehow was The Thing for this too, or A Thing anyway, that seemed to pull it all together. I hadn’t looked at it for who knows how long, so it was exciting to see how it turned out – it’s really become Something! except it is still loose pages, and all of us who printed on it have gotten 3 copies to bind as we’d like. which is exciting, I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with, but also a little nerve-wracking, since there aren’t really spares to experiment on. well, I suppose they’ll all be experiments… I think the original thought was an accordion, something continuous to go along with the theme of River, but now that it’s waxed I’m not sure about glueing the pages together into one long piece, and the paper is maybe a bit thin – for some reason I think of accordions as being able to stand up, which this wouldn’t, but maybe I’m being too restrictive. the sheets are translucent – even before the wax they weren’t totally opaque, so there’s also been talk about backing sheets, which could give some rigidity/stand-up-ablity, and also gives the pages very different feels depending on the color chosen. quite the rabbit hole of possibility there!

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something I think I’d like to know, #292

What makes one a Grandmaster in chess?

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