simple pop-up card

skipping around now, found the chapter on moveable books! oh how fun!!! the first one was a simple pop-up card, which reminded me of a 3D art class I took way back in the day at SRJC where we did a bunch of different types of pop-ups. I actually did one of the variations, where you fold over a sheet for a self cover, rather than doing the pop-up with one sheet and glueing on a separate cover. This was just a square, but I can see the potential for all sorts of crazy amazing things!

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another thing I don’t understand, #246

it’s on the inside wall of a pit toilet… of all the places to declare your love… really?!

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Herb Me! Basil Ice Cream and Rosemary’s Baby Ice Cream

More savory flavors, I guess you could call them – those recipes I’ve been intrigued by but a little dubious about – ice cream is a DESSERT for cripes sake. But OK David, if you say so… and I had some basil from the Veggie Box o’ Awesome. It was worth trying, but I’m still not completely sold on the whole idea.

The Rosemary’s Baby (if you haven’t guessed from the overly clever name) is from the Humphry Slocombe boys. And hey, I just happen to have a giant rosemary bush (I wish everything did so well in the darwingarden)! Then pine nuts, which apparently those two things are a Combination. Again, I’m glad I tried it, it was nice, but not sure I’m buying it. I may not be grown up enough for these sorts of flavors.

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Spice Me! Pumpkin 5-Spice Ice Cream and Salt and Pepper Ice Cream

Maybe a little early for the pumpkin, but hey, I had a can kicking around, so why not. It really is a good flavor, even if it does get overdone at certain time of year. Or is it actually a flavor? Color/texture + spice delivery vehicle, which, in this case there were – as the name says – five! Szechuan peppercorns, (Which weren’t in the pepper section at the spice shop, what’s up with that?! They did have them, but I actually had to talk to someone to find them. urk.) cinnamon stick, cloves, fennel seed and star anise.

And, another Humphrey Slocombe recipe, Salt and Pepper. AKA Salt-N-Pepa … push it real good… Which apparently sometimes people will ask what’s in it. What do you even say? Well, there actually were three kinds of peppercorns – Szechuan, pink and black. I was kinda surprised the salt was just kosher salt, not something fancy. This was one of those recipes that I’d been intrigued by, but somehow never got to making, oh I think due to lack of pink peppercorns. So it was fun to finally do it. It turned out to be one of those – in another way – flavors – one of those ones I couldn’t quite make up my mind if I liked it or not. Definitely not a straight up traditional sweet flavor, but not an immediate disqualification. Perhaps it needs to be paired with something.

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Mál og Menning and Eymundsson bookstores

Sadly I missed the more colorful second-hand bookshops (or perhaps not sadly for my pocketbook and luggage), but there were still a couple of quite nice first-run shops that I was able to check out in Reykjavik. Both were clean, well-lit, open and spacious but full of books. Obviously I would have had many more options if I read Icelandic, but there were English selections as well. (More English than any of the bookstores in my are would have Icelandic! Well, not that that’s saying much.)

It was overcast the day I visited, so I didn’t feel too bad about going inside during the summer, I’d imagine they are very welcoming during the dark winter times. Both stores also had cafes, and I imagine one could spend hours there pretty easily.

The first was Mál og Menning which means “language and culture.” In addition to books, they had an arts and crafts and school supplies section, and a variety of tourist souvenirs. There was a large section devoted to the sagas, and a very juicy looking poetry section, although I couldn’t tell for sure since I couldn’t actually read any of it. Despite the language barrier to reading, it always feels like home to wander amongst books, and, slipped from the moorings of comprehension, I was able to have perhaps more pure enjoyment of covers/book design and pictures.

I was running a bit short on time, but felt a bit of compulsion to also take at least a quick spin through the Eymundsson, since it was there. It seemed a little smaller area and possibly less selection, but still a very nice store. I read later that Eymundsson is the oldest and largest bookseller in Iceland. Also that they have a print-on-demand service on over 1000 newspaper titles from all over the world!

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last day of summer

waning gibbous moon
tangled in tree branches
with the last
bird-pecked apples

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Rjómasúkkulaði Ice Cream and Lakkrís Ice Cream

That would be Icelandic Milk Chocolate Ice Cream – stop – and Icelandic Licorice Ice Cream – two separate flavors, although as I’m writing this and thinking of the candy I tried, the chocolate/licorice bar was surprisingly tasty, so these might play well if marbled together. Anyway, I don’t know if it’s the milk, or something else in the ingredients or process, but the milk chocolate definitely has a different taste than what’s made here in the States. The bar I had wasn’t quite enough for David’s recipe, so I got to do some scaling. YayMath(s)!

Then I had two kinds of licorice. The strings were more like plain licorice/the black Red Vines that the Humphry Slocombe recipe lists, and the squares were more the European/salt licorice flavor. I couldn’t decide, so ended up using half of each, and less salt than the recipe called for, since some of the licorice had that going on already. I was happy with the result. I think I have enough to do separate batches with each kind, but I’m not sure I’d actually be able to taste a difference once it’s ice-creamified.

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