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Honolulu Hikes

On our recent visit to Honolulu, Eric and I made it out on two hikes. One I’d done before, and one was new! The one I’d done before – actually, now that I think about it, probably the only hike … Continue reading

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Waiola Shave Ice

Another food to eat box I must check when in Hawaii is shave ice. Which, I know you want to say should probably be shaved ice, but we’re not going to go there. And this is NOT your American fair … Continue reading

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We walked over to the Farmers’ Market at Kapi’olani Community College – which, at least on Saturday mornings, is a bit touristy, with lots of “value-added” products, although there is still produce available – and I remarked on a man’s … Continue reading

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Pipeline Bakeshop and Creamery

We were on our way to Bread, but were walking, and when the Universe puts a combination Bakeshop AND Creamery in your path, you go in. Or at least I do. And was glad that I did. There were all … Continue reading

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the relativity of distance and location

I still haven’t driven in Honolulu. Most of the times I’ve been there I wasn’t old enough to drive anyway, but even the times I’ve been there now as an adult I’ve managed to avoid it, relying on friends, family, … Continue reading

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post up

Sending postcard seems to be headed the way of the dodo bird in these days of instant posting your vacation pictures on the intarwebs, and while online has a lot of benefits, there’s still something I enjoy about real physical … Continue reading

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water water everywhere

My work is generally interesting and enjoyable, but, fortunately, for the most part, it doesn’t come home with me. However, it has changed how I look at the world. I see things related to water supply that I never used … Continue reading

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