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the relativity of distance and location

I still haven’t driven in Honolulu. Most of the times I’ve been there I wasn’t old enough to drive anyway, but even the times I’ve been there now as an adult I’ve managed to avoid it, relying on friends, family, … Continue reading

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post up

Sending postcard seems to be headed the way of the dodo bird in these days of instant posting your vacation pictures on the intarwebs, and while online has a lot of benefits, there’s still something I enjoy about real physical … Continue reading

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water water everywhere

My work is generally interesting and enjoyable, but, fortunately, for the most part, it doesn’t come home with me. However, it has changed how I look at the world. I see things related to water supply that I never used … Continue reading

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Diamond Head Lighthouse

From the plaque at the Lighthouse: “In 1825, British sailors ascended the crater and found hard, clear calcite crystals among the black rocks. Mistaking them for diamonds, the sailors named the crater Diamond Head. One of the Hawaiian names for … Continue reading

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Malie Kai Chocolates

Another Farmer’s Market find! Hawaiian chocolate. I might have bought some anyway, but they were offering samples. A tiny cube, but so rich and tasty it was plenty satisfying. I splurged and got the full assortment: Dark and Milk bars … Continue reading

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My recent vacation in Honolulu was a wonderful, warm, relaxing visit with family. Since I’d been there before I didn’t feel like I had to go out and see and do everything in the guide-book or anything. I also got … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Honey

And another food thing I don’t have a recollection of being a Thing in Hawaii when I was a kid. Might be that I’m just more aware of it now, and you see what you’re looking for. There were three … Continue reading

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