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Prince Pückler’s Gourmet Ice Cream

As I often do when visiting a new place, I checked to see what suggestions thegoogles had for local ice cream places. In the newtome place of Eugene, OR, there were a couple very promising sounding options, and one of … Continue reading

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Green Blade Bakery

On our recent Amtrak trip from Oakland, CA to Eugene, OR, there was a not-regularly scheduled hour plus layover in Klamath Falls due to track work. They did let us know about it once we were on the train, so … Continue reading

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RoadTrip 2012: Day 10

<<< previous day <<< I’d spent the night at the campground with the SRCC tour, and some of the club folks tried to talk me in to riding out with them for a bit, but I only had my mountain … Continue reading

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RoadTrip 2012: Days 8 and 9

<<< previous day <<< Coming into town after five days in the woods was a bit of a shock. And it was still ninety-five degrees at four o’clock in the afternoon. I’d been thinking of heading to Bend next, but the … Continue reading

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Oregon Coast Bridges

I didn’t traverse the entire Oregon coastline, but one of the things that stood out for the part that I did travel was the bridges. Well of course there’s the natural grandeur and beauty, and the various roadside attractions. Then there … Continue reading

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Portland Street Food

Portland has a really vibrant street food scene. I don’t remember this from previous trips there, but it had been a while and maybe I just wasn’t in the right part of town on those trips. But in my wanderings … Continue reading

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Umpqua River Lighthouse

After riding along it for 5 days, it was like seeing an old friend to get a glimpse of the Umpqua River again, coming full circle to where it empties into the Pacific. There’s also a charming lighthouse, which was … Continue reading

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Devil’s Punchbowl

Another nice place for a bit of a stop. Some cool coastal geology, famous chowder, and Ice Cream!

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Newport appeared just as I was ready for some time out of the car. I pulled off the highway and cruised around the port area. Looked like there’s plenty to do if you wanted to spend a longer time than … Continue reading

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Sea Lion Caves

One of the splendid things about taking a road trip is the random things you come across along the way. The American Roadside Attraction. Such as the Sea Lion Caves. Which apparently is actually pretty famous, or at least people … Continue reading

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