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RoadTrip 2012: Day 10

<<< previous day <<< I’d spent the night at the campground with the SRCC tour, and some of the club folks tried to talk me in to riding out with them for a bit, but I only had my mountain … Continue reading

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RoadTrip 2012: Days 8 and 9

<<< previous day <<< Coming into town after five days in the woods was a bit of a shock. And it was still ninety-five degrees at four o’clock in the afternoon. I’d been thinking of heading to Bend next, but the … Continue reading

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Oregon Coast Bridges

I didn’t traverse the entire Oregon coastline, but one of the things that stood out for the part that I did travel was the bridges. Well of course there’s the natural grandeur and beauty, and the various roadside attractions. Then there … Continue reading

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Portland Street Food

Portland has a really vibrant street food scene. I don’t remember this from previous trips there, but it had been a while and maybe I just wasn’t in the right part of town on those trips. But in my wanderings … Continue reading

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Umpqua River Lighthouse

After riding along it for 5 days, it was like seeing an old friend to get a glimpse of the Umpqua River again, coming full circle to where it empties into the Pacific. There’s also a charming lighthouse, which was … Continue reading

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Devil’s Punchbowl

Another nice place for a bit of a stop. Some cool coastal geology, famous chowder, and Ice Cream!

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Newport appeared just as I was ready for some time out of the car. I pulled off the highway and cruised around the port area. Looked like there’s plenty to do if you wanted to spend a longer time than … Continue reading

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