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Safari West: After the Fire…Hope Emerges

In all the years I’ve lived in Sonoma County, I had never been to Safari West. Combination of lack of time, so many things to do and the “it’s right here, I can go any time” thing, I suppose. But … Continue reading

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IONTW – November 12, 2017

PIE!!! Things organized neatly. How ordinary becomes extraordinary by consistency over time – Hisoko Koyama’s forty plus years of observing and documenting sunspots. Minneapolis on the radar from a Bay Area friend moving there, and then another friend’s son just … Continue reading

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Fire Recovery

The fires that ravaged Sonoma County have been contained, but there is a long road of rebuilding ahead. Here is a list of organizations and institutions whose funds will be used in the local community. Links range from RCU’s general … Continue reading

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re-bike and post fire updates on parks

Beside the Keep Kids Rolling fundraiser, there is another campaign to raise money for bikes for those who lost theirs in the recent fires, by Marin County Firerfighters, where Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has agreed to match the first $5000 of … Continue reading

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Another measure of the magnitude of the recent fires in Sonoma County is this community compiled list of agencies that have provided assistance. Each time I’ve looked it’s gotten longer, this morning it was at 584. (a moment for that … Continue reading

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2017 SRR Novato-Cazadero 200k

Month of Cazadero continues! Although last week we were just in the greater metropolitan Cazadero area, and did not actually go downtown, it still seems like it should count. I’d actually seen this Novato-Cazadero ride when I signed up for … Continue reading

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2017 SRR SonoMendo Coast 300k

This had been my first brevet – the Santa Rosa 300k – but, one thing and another I’d never fit it in the schedule and done it again. Oh yeah maybe something about that rain the whole time thing too. Then … Continue reading

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