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Shift Happens

It’s escaping me now exactly how I came across Bouncing Back – somewhere on the intarwebs – and then it turns out the author, Linda Graham, has an office close to where I work, which gave me that ooo small … Continue reading

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Carving Personal Seals and Stamps

Another irresistible class from the maven of mail art, Jennie Hinchcliff. There was a nice class description that I was going to <insert here> from the SFCB website, but it’s not up any longer since the class is over. So … Continue reading

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in general

Came across this Feynman quote recently – which I can pretty much just ditto most of what he says, since it is usually on topics of interest to me and, of course he puts things much more eloquently than I … Continue reading

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Taiko and Japanese Culture Camp

This year was the 10th anniversary of Taiko and Japanese Culture Camp, held at the Enmanji Temple in Sebastopol. The camp started with just taiko, then expanded to include other aspects of Japanese culture. World’s Cutest Nephew participated as a … Continue reading

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in the swim of things

Another recent adventure has been learning to swim! Well I should probably say re-learning, since I did have lessons as a kid. But I never really took to it. Part of that might have been the fact that I’m so … Continue reading

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Secret Spine Accordion Book Workshop

One of our Co-opists lived and owned a book store in Montreal, and still has connections there. One of her book world connections, Kate Battle, was out in California last fall and we were able to have a workshop from … Continue reading

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Star Party!

I guess they thought Star Party sounded better than Astronomy Geekfest. Which I mean in a totally fantastic way, and I still would have gone if it were called that, but I suppose I can see how it might scare … Continue reading

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One of the things that probably attracted me to flamenco is the percussive aspect of it. The dancing itself, then there’s hand claps, and then there’s castanets. (Well and there may be other things, but I’m not very far into … Continue reading

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And for something a little different! I was looking through the Parks and Rec class schedule, and Flamenco caught my eye. We’ve had a couple of meetings now, and it’s super fun. Part of it is the joy of being … Continue reading

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