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Mari Bakeshop

There was another bakery close to our hotel in Calgary – well actually there was also a Tim Horton’s right next door (does that count as a bakery?) but I never went in – which I happened to see on … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

Again, I noticed on thegoogles map that there was a bakery nearby, with the intriguing name of Sidewalk Citizen. They closed before we got back in the evenings, but opened before we left. Well, opened in a loose definition of … Continue reading

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Pipeline Bakeshop and Creamery

We were on our way to Bread, but were walking, and when the Universe puts a combination Bakeshop AND Creamery in your path, you go in. Or at least I do. And was glad that I did. There were all … Continue reading

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East Wind Bakery

Another one of Those Places that I wanted to check out, but it closes before I’m back during the week, and one thing and another on weekends only just got to the East Wind Bakery recently. Wait, it’s been over three … Continue reading

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IONTW – October 7, 2018

King’s Hawaiian Bakery! I’m fascinated by the pictures of the production line. Here’s cool video of cookie cutters being made. and there’s a King’s Restaurant!!! Who’s in for a road trip to SoCal? Instant Noodle Warriors Squirrel! Nerd alert: What Did … Continue reading

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IONTW – June 3, 2018

Yesterday, today and also next weekend, June 9-10, Art at the Source Open Studios in western Sonoma County. Libraries aren’t just for books! Here’s one of sourdough starters. And another food related – eat your game! Make a caption + … Continue reading

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apple birthday

why you don’t look a day over one hundred and four… the age my paternal grandmother would be, were she still alive. As the grandparent I saw the most, and the last to pass, she’s a collecting point, or recurring theme … Continue reading

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