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Mari Bakeshop

There was another bakery close to our hotel in Calgary – well actually there was also a Tim Horton’s right next door (does that count as a bakery?) but I never went in – which I happened to see on … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

Again, I noticed on thegoogles map that there was a bakery nearby, with the intriguing name of Sidewalk Citizen. They closed before we got back in the evenings, but opened before we left. Well, opened in a loose definition of … Continue reading

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We walked over to the Farmers’ Market at Kapi’olani Community College – which, at least on Saturday mornings, is a bit touristy, with lots of “value-added” products, although there is still produce available – and I remarked on a man’s … Continue reading


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IONTW – October 7, 2018

King’s Hawaiian Bakery! I’m fascinated by the pictures of the production line. Here’s cool video of cookie cutters being made. and there’s a King’s Restaurant!!! Who’s in for a road trip to SoCal? Instant Noodle Warriors Squirrel! Nerd alert: What Did … Continue reading

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IONTW – June 3, 2018

Yesterday, today and also next weekend, June 9-10, Art at the Source Open Studios in western Sonoma County. Libraries aren’t just for books! Here’s one of sourdough starters. And another food related – eat your game! Make a caption + … Continue reading

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Green Blade Bakery

On our recent Amtrak trip from Oakland, CA to Eugene, OR, there was a not-regularly scheduled hour plus layover in Klamath Falls due to track work. They did let us know about it once we were on the train, so … Continue reading

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IONTW – July 30, 2017

I finally got to the top of the list for a copy of The Hidden Life of Trees from the library and am having a hard time not polishing it off in one sitting. Fascinating! So much to learn from … Continue reading

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Euroadventure 2016! Day 8

< previous No pool this morning, since it was BLUE LAGOON DAY! So I slept in a little. Something had gotten blown over in the kitchen during the night, which had woken me, but I’d gotten back to sleep. After … Continue reading

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Amish Friendship Bread

When people ask if I have a pet sometimes I’ll ask if a starter counts. You do have to feed it. I also joke about living under a rock, as I don’t hear about a lot of pop culture or … Continue reading

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Multigrain Sourdough Bread

 I’m starting to think perhaps I should just pick one recipe and work with that until I get this bread thing down. But this sounded really nice and I wanted to try it. In fact, the title is Marvelous Multigrain … Continue reading

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