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and sometimes y again

and second color turned to third as well accent metal type yep that Goudy sure is nice and some in the color from the backs and then yes red can’t help it and then about halfway through switch and always … Continue reading

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cards in your mailbox

cut to size, which I did pick how to on each sheet, although to keep it simple not as much cherry picking ideal placement as I might have plus needing to end up with a certain number this time I’m … Continue reading

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Art in Your Mailbox!

North Bay Letterpress Arts has a quarterly subscription project – community supported letterpress, if you will – which puts letterpress art in your mailbox! Spreading the letterpress love and supporting the shop. Three artists contribute work to each quarter’s packet, and … Continue reading

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The Most Dada Thing: Neo-Dada in San Francisco & Dadamatic Mail Art from Irene Dogmatic’s collection

I’m not sure I understand or know enough about Dada to fully explain it to someone else, but I feel like I have a general sense of it to usually be able to recognize whether something is Dada or Dada-influenced. … Continue reading

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I didn’t do so well with the letter a day thing, but, by odd coincidence, I received a packet of letters from my former self. One of my uncles had gone through papers to clean out at my grandma’s, and … Continue reading

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April, in addition to being National Poetry Month, is also National Letter Writing Month. Who knew?! Yes, letters. ohuh, do I have to explain what those are? Really. I still write and send them. And I’m not the only one. In … Continue reading

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Castle in the Air

OH. MY. <insert expletive and/or deity of your choice here>  Where do I begin?! I heard about Castle in the Air from Jennie, that evil temptress of Postality, and so OK it only took me a year to get there. … Continue reading

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