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IONTW – January 29, 2017

A wonderful story about the power of letters – as communication, for telling your story and making a connection – just a small part of the last administration, but the details say a great deal, and all add up to … Continue reading

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It was relatively recent that I figured out I was an introvert. OK, maybe identified as, or admitted to being might be a better way to put it – to those of you who know me and are saying “DUH” … Continue reading

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on visitors and/or visitations

Jeff Schwaner is one of the poets I’ve come across, or perhaps he came across me, who knows how these things happen out on the intarwebs. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying his visit from Mei Yao-ch’en, an 11th century Chinese poet, … Continue reading

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dogear this poem

Sisters’ weekend in Santa Cruz, walking through downtown and can’t resist the bookstore and oh yes it’s a lovely one, new and used and HEY! a press!!! Which the first employee I ask almost doesn’t seem to know what I’m … Continue reading


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Spineless Wonders!

One of the many treasures at the Sitting Room are the spineless wonders! I don’t know if I’d have thought of calling them that, but it fits. They are small books, self or small press published, but bound in ways … Continue reading

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Emily Dickinson – The Gorgeous Nothings

I went in to Copperfield’s on a mission. To get a card. Just the card. Wasn’t going to look at any books. But then well I was there and I’ll just peek in the poetry section … and yes you … Continue reading

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One Art

The art of losing isn’t hard to master; so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster. Lose something every day. Accept the fluster of lost door keys, the hour badly spent. … Continue reading

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The Sitting Room

Tucked into a quiet neighborhood a few blocks from Sonoma State University, you might never know an unassuming home holds a treasure trove of books and reference material. The Sitting Room is a reading room and community library with a … Continue reading

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The moon is full tonight an illustration for sheet music, an image in Matthew Arnold glimmering on the English Channel, or a ghost over a smoldering battlefield in one of the history plays. It’s as full as it was in … Continue reading

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reading into it

“There is creative reading as well as creative writing.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson I’ve had a couple neat experiences lately as I’ve been putting my writing out into the world. They’ve been good reminders of what a dynamic process reading is, … Continue reading

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