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IONTW – September 10, 2017

Advice from a Food Desert. There’s a word for That. An incredibly specific one that you’ll probably never actually seriously use, but there’s a word. Be nice to your houseplants! Me. You. Us. Whose story is it? So much going … Continue reading

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understanding joy

Bike Magazine is not what first comes to mind for most people if they were to list sources of relationship advice. I mostly enjoy the pictures, although the articles are generally readable and entertaining as well. Anyway, in the latest issue (July … Continue reading

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something I think I’d like to know, #297

how do I keep from taking on Stuff that Isn’t Mine, but still maintain a connection?

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what makes

us what we are who we are the you that someone means when they say I love you what is that what we are 4/7/2016

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As a side effect of relationship issues and counseling to try to resolve them, I started talking with my family. Not that we had a vow of silence when I was a kid, but we never really talked about Stuff … Continue reading

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that guy

or girl … one of your peers that was a defining persona in your childhood years but you’ve lost touch with, of course now the Internet and social media make the looking up and reconnecting easier, but what happens when/if … Continue reading

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that place where

“I love you” would go if this were a conversation with one of my family after we’ve said what there is to say but before goodbye and hanging up the phone for now the space stays silent infinitesimal yet infinite

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