IONTW – May 7, 2017

Matsuri Japanese Arts Festival in Santa Rosa TODAY 11 am – 5 pm.

The film of George Takei’s Allegiance will be showing in Sebastopol May 9.

All I needed to know:  or at least 7 Things I Learned When I Was The Only Girl In My Physics Class by science writer Kelly Oakes. Plus 11 Things from Dance Class (or Fill-in-the-Blank Class. or Life.)

OK, so that (guilty) pleasure of the 80s music… there’s a REASON for that!

On the other hand, not sure if there’s a reason for flavored Kit Kats, but here they come. If only for a limited time.

For the awareness file – making something (more) noticeable through an unexpected transformation.

And why do something when you can read about how to get things done? EAT THE FROG!!!

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