May again/already, and my Grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 103, which does happen for some – maybe somewhat unusual, but not unheard of. I suppose at some point, biblical lifespans aside, I may stop noting the number, and just leave it being her birthday. Funny how the world is, adding to the musings on age with the picture below and this article appearing close together.

I’d never thought of it before, but she was 57 when I was born, so I still haven’t made it to the ages she was when I knew her. (Stares off into the distance, pondering on that for a good long while.) I hope, of course, that I do, and that I am as vibrant and engaged as she was. Well there is the addendum of ‘until she wasn’t’, which would be nice to avoid, but I’m not sure how much we get to choose about that.

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