Temple Square

The drive from Elko, and uh oh yeah, different (later) time zone so into the evening already but hey I’ve never been to Salt Lake City before and the Temple seems like The Thing, or at least one of The Things to See in town, well not that I can go inside since I’m not on that program, but that not withstanding, one can still look around the grounds and to into some of the other facilities.

I got a bit sidetracked by Eborn Books on the way over, but the Square is open until 9 PM, so there was still time to walk around and look at things, and I wasn’t the only one doing so. The Temple is a pretty impressive building, and it was cool to see it lit up at night.

There are a couple of Visitors’/Information Centers, perhaps even a bit museumy, but I didn’t feel like going in. However, I did go in to the Tabernacle! It’s the well I thought I saw somewhere something about it being largest open span/unsupported domelike building in the US, or maybe North America or something but now I can’t seem to find that. Maybe I imagined it. Anyway, it definitely is acoustically amazing, which gives the space a very energizing feel. I can imagine it must really be something to hear the choir sing! The pipe organ was pretty spectacular looking as well, and then I noticed a woman up at the keyboard. I had seen on the website that there are recitals mid-day, which I’d missed that day, and was wanting to be on the road before the one the next day. But… I waited.

AND!!! The woman played!!! Maybe rehearsing for the official recital? So there wasn’t any talk or anything that I’m guessing the recitals might have, and it did seem like a few times she was going over some passages, but there were only a handful of other people in the building so it was pretty much like getting a private concert. Super super cool!

I did end up going by in the day time as well, since it was on the way back from the Capitol. It was neat to see the buildings in the sun light, and the grounds are quite nice, with gardens and fountains. And, I was able to enjoy them without anyone trying to convert me!

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