Eborn Books


Minding my own business, on my way to the Temple (well, to look at the outside, that is, since I’m not Mormon), and…


with a great front window display and not that I really need any more books or was looking for anything in particular but I just had to go in and good gravy! books books BOOKS as far as the eye could see and so I wandered around a bit. Some things I just can’t resist. The rare books were in locked display cases, but there were plenty just on open shelves and multiple rooms off the main room almost like someone’s house and then a whole second level with multiple rooms and some of the shelves looked like they’d also been arranged by color almost forming a rainbow along one wall and it was almost an overload of bookishness. (Over 30, 000 square feet!) Then just when I was feeling a little overwhelmed there were sly bits of humor like the Duck on a low overhead beam. Good times. There was a nice display of books by local authors. And of course, being Salt Lake City, there was a big Mormon section. Just when I thought I’d actually make it out empty-handed, there was a copy of Journey to Topaz, by Yoshiko Uchida, displayed right at eye level. Of all things! Seemed like a sign, since I had plans to go visit the site.

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