the b word

We weren’t allowed to be bored when we were kids. Well… we could be, but if we SAID we were, my Dad would find something for us to do. Some fun task like cleaning the kitchen floor. We caught on to that pretty quickly.

How could that have been? Those interminable stretches of time where it seemed like there’s nothing to do…

Now there’s too much to do. Or is it that there’s not enough time to do it all? Only so many hours in the day, and having to make choices about how to spend them. Oh think of how much you’d get done if you didn’t have to sleep…

So then there’s the conflict of scheduling things, so they happen, vs. the being already booked up and missing out on things that come up last-minute and then really it would be nice – I think – to sometimes just DO NOTHING but then if I put Do Nothing on the calendar then don’t I have something on the calendar? Sigh. And there’d probably still be that feeling I should be doing something anyway. Yeah, I know, get over that.

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