IONTW – January 1, 2017

All these years, and I hadn’t realized Carrie Fisher was (only) 19 when the real Star Wars was filmed. And likewise, all the times of having a Pap test, and yes, it is short for something – named after Georgios Papanikolaou (I know, why would they feel the need to shorten that?!), the doctor who came up with it.

Another story of food and the holidays and how it makes us who we are.

Drag Queen Story Hour!

The things people leave behind in books.

Amazing MAPS!

Mark your calendars! I have not yet been to a Vintage Paper Fair event – they sound dangerous – but there is one coming up January 7 & 8 in San Francisco, CA. Also out of San Francisco on the 7th is the season opener for San Francisco Randonneurs, a Populaire (gateway to rando) ~120K jaunt out to Pt. Reyes Station.

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