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IONTW – January 29, 2017

A wonderful story about the power of letters – as communication, for telling your story and making a connection – just a small part of the last administration, but the details say a great deal, and all add up to … Continue reading

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IONTW – January 1, 2017

All these years, and I hadn’t realized Carrie Fisher was (only) 19 when the real Star Wars was filmed. And likewise, all the times of having a Pap test, and yes, it is short for something – named after Georgios Papanikolaou (I … Continue reading

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2014 SFR Orr Springs 600k

Of course when I heard there was going to be an Adventure Series 600k I thought I want to do that! or maybe it’s more the I want to be able to say I’ve done that! Hard to tell which … Continue reading

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2013 SFR Dart Populaire: Happy Trails

More of the backlog. Squeezing this one out just before the next edition of the event. One of my Flèche teammates roped me in to doing another team event, the Dart Populaire. OK, maybe recruited would be the word to … Continue reading

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2014 SFR Fort Bragg 600k

Sound asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow Friday night, then wide awake. Actually felt fairly rested, hmn maybe it’s time to get up already. Well maybe I should check. It’s only eleven something. Huh. Yeah no, more sleep. … Continue reading

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2014 SFR Hopland 400k

“I (insert your name here) promise to not do stupid stuff.” The facts that it’s dark, there’s rain in the forecast, and I’m about to go on a 250 mile bike ride past a place I just drove from notwithstanding, … Continue reading

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2013 SFR Old Cazadero 300k

Well this was going to go up as a Throwback Thursday, but then that didn’t seem like quite the right thing (and I didn’t get to doing it) then OOO! Flashback Friday, that’s more like it, but then it didn’t … Continue reading

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