Novelty Automation

In the midst of a very booky day, I needed a bit of a break. I know, WHAT?! One can’t be all books all the time… and how could I resist checking out something that had both Novelty AND Automation in the title? I come across this quirky museum/arcade flipping through the guide-book my Aunt had sent before the trip. The headline “Silliness as an Art Form” on the side bar story caught my eye. It described a few of the things made possible by the token operated machines, and I was intrigued enough to put it on my List. It turned out to be the perfect diversion. I quite enjoyed the sly humor and the vision and time that had been put in to make the games into actual playable machines. With the subtitle “Quantum physics for beginners”, I couldn’t pass up the Small Hadron Collider. I ended up winning a Nobel Prize, which the attendant made as I waited.

more pictures + VIDEO!

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