Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Carving Personal Seals and Stamps

Another irresistible class from the maven of mail art, Jennie Hinchcliff. There was a nice class description that I was going to <insert here> from the SFCB website, but it’s not up any longer since the class is over. So we’ll just have to go with the short version: soft block carving.

The materials – various soft blocks of different sizes, including (!) erasers. How fun is that?


it's better with butter

it’s better with butter

REVELATION of the evening – pen/ink nib holder can also hold carving points. One of those SO obvious after I’d seen it but not sure I ever would have figured it out. Easy to work with and portable, yay!

DSCN9024Jennie recommended starting with something simple – larger, straight lines – to get used to the carving process. Arrows are good. Can always use an arrow. Funny I like the hand carved look when I see it in others’ work, but part of me had a really hard time with it on my own. It really wanted to carve all the background off.


It’s always so fun to see the variety of things people come up with!


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