Hike 18: SLO and Pismo

This was a two-fer. OK, maybe two part is a better description. We were in San Luis Obispo to visit family, and were able to sneak it in. Well again, maybe sneak isn’t the best word, since both parts included family members. I guess maybe it felt a little sneaky re: The Project since I didn’t really make a Thing of it, and we would have done these anyway. Whatever.

Part A was with my Dad, from his house in the northwest part of town up to the Bishop Peak Highland Trailhead. It was fun seeing more of his neighborhood, and getting some stories about neighbors, and going by the Bishop’s Peak Elementary School – all new to me. And, although we only went up to the trailhead, not the summit, we still gained some altitude and got some nice views.

Part B was with my sister and WCN, on the beach at Pismo. Which is always lovely – there’s something about walking barefoot in the sand, and seeing and hearing the waves. And this particular day there was a multitude of bubbles on the beach, and they were getting blown along by the wind, which was fun to watch.

4/16 & 17/21, 5.7 miles

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