Prince Pückler’s Gourmet Ice Cream

As I often do when visiting a new place, I checked to see what suggestions thegoogles had for local ice cream places. In the newtome place of Eugene, OR, there were a couple very promising sounding options, and one of them – Prince Pückler’s – not only had an umlaut (a word which seems like it should have an umlaut, but I digress), but also turned out to be right on our way from running errands to the hotel we were staying at. The Universe had spoken. It was a solid old-school neighborhood institution kind of place. Where people remember going as a kid, and then take their kids to. No frills and no pretensions, just tasty, good quality ice cream. They have a long flavor list, nothing too unusual, but something for just about everyone. That is to say, if you couldn’t find any flavor you wanted to have here, I’d wonder about you. Barack Obama visited when he was President and went with the mint chip. They had other favorite flavors designated – I did not think to ask if they were favorites of employees or customers. There was one marked as MY favorite! But I went with Cherry and Peach, both of which were super yummy. I would definitely go back!

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