IONTW – June 11, 2017

It never occurred to me that it’s called the Glory Hole because it’s shaped/looks like a Morning Glory.

Thegoogles is making new sounds, too. Who knew?

At some point it goes from clutter to a collection. Whatever random thing IT might be.

Speaking of random things – the bread tab.

European cathedrals of books. And a library of unpublished manuscripts. Seems like it would be somehow fitting if you couldn’t actually visit it…

Amazing nature. And the totally mind-boggling solo free climb of El Capitan. I have a hard time getting my head around the physical ability and conditioning needed to do this climb with ropes, and the mental fortitude to do it without ropes is virtually incomprehensible.

Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda, CA is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this afternoon with an Open House. Rhythmix is a nonprofit community arts center with lovely performance and gallery spaces that holds awesome music and dance concerts, workshops and art exhibits.

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