IONTW – November 20, 2016

I’m not the only one who sees faces in inanimate objects. There’s a museum of face rocks in Japan.

Printmaker Tom Killion is opening his studio in Inverness, CA for the Thanksgiving weekend, Friday, November 25 to Sunday, November 27 as part of the Point Reyes Open Studios event.

Wrestling, not just on the mat – for an Olympic gold medalist.

Many ways to read this book.

And, speaking of books that move! Fabulous looking exhibit of pop-up books at 23 Sandy Gallery. Sadly the Gallery is in Portland, so I probably won’t get there in person, but there’s a great on-line catalog.

Francis Ford Coppola was on Fresh Air the other day – his notebook for the making of the Godfather film is being released to the public. I didn’t hear the whole interview, but I really enjoyed hearing him say “anti-climactical” to describe the reason they did not end the movie with the same scene the book ends with, even though they filmed it. Then the thing that really grabbed me – the take-away message as one might say – is the importance of having a Theme, preferably one word. Capitalization mine – as is the following paraphrase of what he said, that, in the course of a film there’s all the questions about hairstyle or clothing or whatever, and most you know the answers right away, but sometimes you don’t, so then you go to the Theme, and that gives you the answer. He said that for The Conversation it was privacy. For The Godfather it was succession. Having a Theme seems like an excellent way to be focused and bring clarity and direction to a project. Probably not anything that earth shattering or revolutionary there, but I liked the way he explained it. And, like many things, I probably have some sort of understanding of the idea, but then there’s the execution. Erm, no! not That Kind of execution…

This Week’s Wildlife



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