as yesterday

my alarm rang
too early
(changing that wasn’t on either candidate’s platform)

I got up
and went to work

the sun came up for
another beautiful day
(neither party had promised that)

If I ignored the media, today would – except for the date and some particular details – not be effectively much different from yesterday. So many of the things that happen in my day-to-day world happen regardless of what political party is in power. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but most days I don’t think about who is President. (That only comes up if someone thinks you’ve been concussed…) I know, I know, it makes a difference. I’m not dismissing or minimizing what has happened – no doubt there will be changes, and it may be a long time before we know the true extent of all the ramifications. However, this election has not swept all that is good off the face of the earth. That gives me hope – or maybe it’s denial. But it’s something to hold on to. ohand this just in. and this.

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