art in progress – I start #2 – 7

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after a hiatus the art is back in play, seeming like a whole new thing and going the other way to boot and any intentions I might have had from my last go round long since forgotten and so.

oh bonus! it came with a visit, an omiyage (Maple syrup! Canada is good for something!!!) and a hand-crocheted scarf. WOOT! (Knitting and crocheting always amazes me.)


what to do there’s bits of printed on things incorporated already but why not and also print directly on the piece and there’s a not to give away any secrets but wonderful g in the newest wood type in the shop

P1130501 P1130502

and really it’s just the shapes but if you must know that’s where they come from and also the edges of stamps the cut out bit I’m sure there’s a word for that too makes me think of pinking shears so many ways to go with that one too but no that’s all for now


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