notes on a place

I visited more as a child than as an adult, and haven’t been to in years.

The big tree in the front yard is gone, and so is the carport, and I know I’ve heard both these things but it’s still a surprise when we drive up and they aren’t there. Some places you take a picture in your head at some point in time and that’s How It Is. Or How It’s Supposed To Be.

And the bakery is gone. It was gone the last time too. Still no more Yamagata bread. That wasn’t an always there place but there was one visit at least I remember it was The Thing.

And when did they move the Library so close? It’s really just right there?

I’ll have to find some old photos, even in my lifetime so many more highrises. But Diamond Head same as ever, well probably eroded some, but imperceptable in my non-geologic time scale. Seeming a bit browner than other years, although they had rain just before I came.

Duk Kee, the Victoria Inn – well the sign anyway – the restaurant isn’t open anymore. Jose’s. Have I ever had Mexican food in Hawaii? It’s still called Long’s here, even though it’s CVS now. Ah, Vienna Sausage on special this week.

Cashier rings me up, “Ten thirty-nine, yeah?” musical sing-song voices. Four or five note calls of the doves. The sounds of Hawaii.

Beach mats used to be just one panel, tall when rolled. Now they accordion down before rolling. Slippahs same as ever.

Don’t remember ever seeing corn on the cob here, much less it being a THING.

And when did the police department get real official squad cars?

Not as humid as I think I remember. It seemed we would step off the plane into a wall of warm wetness. This time not so much. And not so buggy.

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