art in progress – Yu start

I met my friend Yurika through taiko; she’s also an amazing visual artist. I’m fortunate to have an original piece of her artwork in my home.

We also intend to go and look at art together, but we’re both busy, so that hasn’t happened as much as I’d like.

But somehow it got in my head that even if we didn’t end up in the same spot to look at art, we could make art together. I struggle with getting started and making time for making art, so getting someone else involved seemed like it might help with these issues.

I may have originally called it an art trade, but I didn’t mean a trade of a finished piece. Having to come up with a whole piece just seems overwhelming sometimes. So the idea was actually to start something, then give it to the other person. Perhaps with some additional material, perhaps not. The other person is free to use anything provided, or not, but adds a bit and gives it back.

It doesn’t have to be any huge addition – which I thought would help with the getting started and making time to do something aspects. Found art and seeing artish things in my every day life has been intriguing me lately, so I also liked the idea of getting something semi-random from her. I really enjoy her style, but of course don’t quite know what I’ll get back. The elements of surprise and serendipity, somehow seem more likely to happen or I’m more open to them when someone/something else is involved, rather than when it’s just me.

Here is the piece I got from her: a pencil doodle

and some nifty colored crinkly paper, and a brush pen.

There was no indication of orientation, so I did turn it around and ended up working on it in the orientation shown below. I think the first picture above was actually the way I took it out of the envelope though.

I did some cutouts on the pencil doodle shape and added some of the paper in. Put some other paper with it and sent it all back to her!

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