fifteen cent notebooks

I was in the school supply area of a store looking to see what was available in the way of notebooks. This time of year they have extra space for all the gear one needs to be a student, and it was busy with kids and their parents. I found a shelf of fifteen cent notebooks and was picking out the ones with bright color covers when a woman asked if I could help with her son’s list. We were able to find him graph paper and a composition book. She said I had the face of a teacher. I said I did teach, and they wanted to know what grade. Not school, taiko. The son, who’s going to be in fifth grade said,  “Oh! The drumming! They came to my school!” He made big motions as if he was hitting a taiko, then lifted up one of his feet and motioned between his big and second toes. “And they had the shoes!” Yes, the tabi. Funny what people remember.

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