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Don Emblen

The Iota rotating book show has featured the work of Don Emblen the last couple of weeks. It’s quite an inspiring cornucopia. I actually attended Santa Rosa Junior College, but was on a different trajectory at the time and never … Continue reading

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I didn’t do so well with the letter a day thing, but, by odd coincidence, I received a packet of letters from my former self. One of my uncles had gone through papers to clean out at my grandma’s, and … Continue reading

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Castle in the Air

OH. MY. <insert expletive and/or deity of your choice here>  Where do I begin?! I heard about Castle in the Air from Jennie, that evil temptress of Postality, and so OK it only took me a year to get there. … Continue reading

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in finite a’s

For most of my writing life, I haven’t particularly thought about letters. At least not much in an individual sense, and certainly not about how many there were or if I might run out. A stroke of the pen or … Continue reading

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where’s my leather?

Leather for what, you ask? (wait, you need to ask?) Apparently it’s the traditional third anniversary gift. For those of you who are more modern it’s crystal or glass. Yesterday actually, a little notification from Word Press. I’ve been with … Continue reading

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on visitors and/or visitations

Jeff Schwaner is one of the poets I’ve come across, or perhaps he came across me, who knows how these things happen out on the intarwebs. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying his visit from Mei Yao-ch’en, an 11th century Chinese poet, … Continue reading

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hippies and creativity on hold

Not that they are necessarily, or even, related – perhaps I look too much for connections or find them too easily. The mind’s tenuous grasping at relatedness and meaning in it all, and getting from here to there regardless of … Continue reading

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