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That would be Library! In Icelandic, if you couldn’t guess that part of it. Another one of the Things I like to check out when I travel. Not that I make a Huge Point of it, but I definitely keep … Continue reading

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Harpa is a concert hall and conference center in Reykjavík, Iceland. Construction began January 2007, and was part of a larger redevelopment of the Austurhöfn area, all of which was put on hold or abandoned when the financial crisis hit … Continue reading

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The Sun Voyager is a massive steel sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason that many people assume is a Viking ship, however it was designed as a dream boat and ode to the sun. The sculpture is located along the seafront … Continue reading

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Euroadventure 2016! Day 3

< previous Another day again even though it was never really night – breakfast and off we went to the pool. Móðir didn’t come with us, she had things to do before going on a day trip with her school … Continue reading

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Reykjavík 871±2 Settlement Exhibition

The Settlement Exhibition – Landnámssýningin in Icelandic – makes a nice companion experience to the Saga Museum, as it shows the living environment of the first settlers. The Saga Museum shows the people, the Settlement Exhibition shows the place. The … Continue reading

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Saga Museum

The Saga Museum is a greatest hits highlights tour of Icelandic history with almost creepily lifelike dioramas that you are guided through with an audio commentary. The Lonely Planet description that I came across after we’d been there calls it … Continue reading

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Another Reykjavík landmark is the Hallgrímskirkja – the Church of Hallgrímur – named for poet and clergyman Hallgrímur Pétursson (1614 to 1674), author of the Passion Hymns. Design work by state architect, Guðjón Samúelsson (1887 – 1950), began in 1937. … Continue reading

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For some reason soft serve seems to be The Thing in Iceland not that there’s anything wrong with that… but there are also places that sell “ball” (regular/scoopable) ice cream. One of these is Valdís. And – bonus! – apparently … Continue reading

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Euroadventure 2016! Day 2

< previous There wasn’t an obvious daybreak, but when I got up and looked out the window it was a beautiful sunny day. One of the things we’d gotten at the store the day before was cereal, so there was … Continue reading

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The Pearl is the fancy, top-level restaurant at this viewspot perched atop geothermal water storage tanks. However, there is also a cafeteria level for the ordinary folks bite with a view, or you don’t even have to eat anything but … Continue reading

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