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tea tag tidbits

Over the years and package redesigns the tea bag tags have had sayings, and not. Now they are back to saying things. These two came yesterday. What you are is where you have been. What you’ll be is what you … Continue reading

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in general

Came across this Feynman quote recently – which I can pretty much just ditto most of what he says, since it is usually on topics of interest to me and, of course he puts things much more eloquently than I … Continue reading

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find your chasing the ball

There’s a comedy channel on the radio in Sonoma County, which is the only place I seem to hear ads for help with recovery from prescription painkiller and opioid dependence, go figure, but I digress. Although one aspect of comedy … Continue reading

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the universe in a glass of wine

A poet once said, ‘The whole universe is in a glass of wine.’ We will probably never know in what sense he meant it, for poets do not write to be understood. But it is true that if we look … Continue reading

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something I think I’d like to know, #95

there’s that saying, “I think, therefore I am.” so what if I don’t think?

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Medford Public Library

The Medford Public Library was a surprisingly impressive edifice I happened upon while wandering around downtown. It looked to be fairly recent construction, unfortunately I was not able to get inside and see if it still had that new library … Continue reading

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