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Camden Lock Books

Yes, another book shop. Also on The Map, and I’d made a note of, but didn’t feel as if I HAD to go there, but then it turned out to be conveniently located in an Underground station. Which, I could … Continue reading

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The London Bookshop Map entry for bookartbookshop said, “Artists’ books and small press publications.” Short and sweet but enough to pique my interest! It was a cute corner shop painted a beautiful vibrant red, with a swirly glass porthole window … Continue reading

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British Library Centre for Conservation

Amidst the wandering around in an overwhelmed daze – in a good way – at the British Library, there was a dot on the floor with British Library Centre for Conservation and an arrow pointing thataway. I followed it out … Continue reading

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The British Library

Libraries are one of my Things, and so, although I hadn’t really made a point of looking for one, when I came across The British Library in one of the guidebooks it immediately went on the list. They had a … Continue reading

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Novelty Automation

In the midst of a very booky day, I needed a bit of a break. I know, WHAT?! One can’t be all books all the time… and how could I resist checking out something that had both Novelty AND Automation … Continue reading

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Persephone Books

Between the intarwebs and a pamphlet I’d picked up somewhere along the way, I had an impossibly long list of book shops to check out. Persephone had sounded intriguing, but didn’t quite make in on the Must Visit list. However, … Continue reading

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British soft serve

Of course I’d looked up Best Ice Cream in London, so had some possibilities, but after a day walking around looking at lots of books, I couldn’t quite get myself together to go out of my way for any of … Continue reading

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Euroadventure 2016! Day 10

< previous I hadn’t brought my bike on the trip, it just seemed like too much to deal with, and, although I’d seen some cyclo-tourists and there had in fact been a big event ride going on while we were … Continue reading

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The British Museum

Our Aunt declared we Must Go to the British Museum, and even though I’d been before on previous trips to London, I wasn’t going to argue, as one could make multiple visits and still have more to see. Once we … Continue reading

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Cradle to Grave by Pharmacopoeia

From an info panel in the exhibit: Cradle to Grave explores our approach to health in Britain today and addresses some of the ways that people deal with sickness and try to secure well-being. It was created by Susie Freeman, a … Continue reading

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