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Cinnamon Honey Roasted Almond Ice Cream and Buckwheat Honey Ice Cream

Hard to go wrong with Cinnamon. Or Honey. Or Almonds. So why not And them?! Inspired by the gift a friend got me from Beekind, I debated what base to use and ended up going with Cinnamon – oh the … Continue reading

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Chestnut Honey Ice Cream

David again… and of course I love honey and I love ice cream so MUST. MAKE. and the print shop is conveniently/dangerously near to the Beekind shop which has a wall of honey – and you can taste them! – … Continue reading

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Harvey Milk and Honey Ice Cream

Apparently Humphry Slocombe was the only place given permission to make official Harvey Milk ice cream for the first official Harvey Milk Day on May 22, 2009 (they note: We would explain who Harvey Milk was, but if you don’t … Continue reading

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Really Good Fresh Jerky

I’d been seeing billboards for Really Good Fresh Jerky along I-10, and although I didn’t really need a stop at that point in the trip, how could I resist? For some reason I was thinking it would be a bit … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Honey

And another food thing I don’t have a recollection of being a Thing in Hawaii when I was a kid. Might be that I’m just more aware of it now, and you see what you’re looking for. There were three … Continue reading

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