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The Great Conjunction 2020

Not only is today the Winter Solstice – which I can see celebrating, since now the daylight will be increasing – woohoo! – unlike the Summer Solstice, which, yeah cool, longest day – but duh yeah then they’ll just be … Continue reading

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Somehow I only heard out about Comet NEOWISE on Friday, but as soon as I did, I thought of my astronomy friend, Nancy. (Everyone has an astronomy friend, right?) I sent her a message asking about a good spot to … Continue reading

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IONTW – August 27, 2017

I’m on the mailing list from the Sonoma State University Music Department, sounds like there are some neat concerts coming up in the Jewish Music Series at Sonoma State University. Oh wow, I didn’t know there’s a Jewish Studies Program. … Continue reading

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Lick Observatory – Music of the Spheres

Although I’ve been past Lick Observatory I don’t know how many times, I usually just take in the views outside, if I stop at all. But it’s been on my list to go to a public viewing night, and then … Continue reading

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Star Party!

I guess they thought Star Party sounded better than Astronomy Geekfest. Which I mean in a totally fantastic way, and I still would have gone if it were called that, but I suppose I can see how it might scare … Continue reading

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