Chin Chin Labs

Nitro is everywhere! Chin Chin Labs was another of the places that came up on the googles for “(best) ice cream in London” that was close to where we were staying. Sadly, when I went by, despite the door being open it was not opening hours yet. Boo! It looked a bit mad scientist – not that there’s anything wrong with that – and I liked their name logo. The flavors sounded intriguing, although one of the things I’d never heard of – Tonka beans – are apparently illegal in the US – but it was a bit disappointing to not get to try something. Maybe next time…

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and sometimes y

ideas for the next layer started even as the first one was being done, and then some percolation time and a comment by a friend and so when I actually get to the doing it’s almost as if it sets itself and that uncanny somehow all lined up so the spaces between were whole numbers or close enough I made it so and then the color had been thinking blue but maybe that was from the others already blue and yeah can’t do that after all so hmn purple and get out two plus a reddish and mix but then oh maybe that reddish on its own is the ticket why yes, let’s go with that and then the getting it lined up and the idea of covering up a spot that didn’t print so well in the first layer and oops not quite doing it but figure out and move the space in the i-line and YES but then it turns out that some of the first layer are actually printed in a slightly different spot (WTH?!) and so some don’t quite line up and ugh coming up short in the number of copies oh well and again with the spots sometimes not printing something with the ink maybe but get through it or as much as is going to happen anyway so there. fun to get into a type face I might not otherwise have, and spend some time with the letters, and using them as a purely graphic element, playing with the shapes. good times!

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poem 19 2017

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poem 17 2017


and how
just like that
a color

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IONTW – April 16, 2017

Under dogs. Literally.

They may look like plants, but they are actually elaborate cakes!

Found in the NEW section of the library – The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook – a wonderful collection of stories about food, with recipes from 76 contemporary artists and writers.

A fascinating interview with the 104 year old Toko Shinoda. I have seen some of her work at the lovely Ren Brown Gallery in Bodega Bay, really beautiful.

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the Goudy

in the ongoing explorations in the shop a new series Typeface of the Month (or some other determinate time span) for taking a closer look at a particular face and not so many rules other than size of page and only letters no ornaments or dingbats except of course right off the (ding)bat there is one, an ornament that is, in the case with the Goudy so that’s fair game and collaboration no that isn’t quite the right word contributory one can choose to participate or not already a few have happened which is fun to see and here’s the rub since it’s shop wide you have to set and print and put it back so others can use the type so there’s something about that the finiteness of it I suppose

although it’s Poetry Month I don’t want to put the weight of a poem or poem-like thing on it, so out with the words, and pare down more, to only vowels, which makes it seem – or shall I say keeps it related to what else I’ve been working on already somehow that relativity gives me permission for the excursion – and I want to use the Daredevil furniture, the circle – fortunately there is some 18 point so that’s an option, and the first thought is that in one pass and something else maybe not all the same, using the proof press/free page placement next week but while I’m setting up the C&P why not get a bit more on the page OH! 48 point YUM! ah and throw in a colon

mix orange with transparent base and copper from previous printings and there’s something I think with the ink, a moveable non-printingness which I never quite figure out but I decide or at least mostly convince myself that it doesn’t matter and just crank out the stack of them and go with it and so there it is get through the stack and put the type away and clean up the press and figuring out how to trim it and already thinking of what will go on the second layer!

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poem 12 2017

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