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something I think I’d like to know, #216

what would William Saroyan have to say about the Kardashians?

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Part of being a member of the printing co-op is helping out with the upkeep of the place – which, in an ideal world perhaps we’d all just pitch in and it would all be clean and tidy or organized … Continue reading

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what do you do?

I. what? what do you do? it’s another one of those questions, like where are you from?, that people ask all the time, so we know what they (most likely) mean, but if you stop and think about it, what … Continue reading

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Hello 40!

Not to make anyone (myself included) feel old, but yeah, Hello Kitty was introduced in 1974. So her 40th birthday was actually last year, and I would have had no idea (I like HK but am not fanatic), except that … Continue reading

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you really never know

Last fall, I wrote a post on how you just never know what is going on in people’s lives, or when some sort of Big Life Changing Event might happen. Shortly thereafter I got a couple of even closer to … Continue reading

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the g word

This post, or at least thoughts for this post, or on this topic, have been kicking around in my head for years, but somehow I’ve never gotten around to writing them down. Part of it is the time thing yes, … Continue reading

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another thing I don’t understand, #157

graffiti. especially the ones with words

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