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IONTW – February 25, 2018

Artist Iman Joy El Shami-Mader is on a mission to illustrate all the world’s mythical beasts! Who knew paper could do that? Origami tessellations and kusudamas! Then a round-up of paper folding books by Helen Hiebert. New letterpress booklet of … Continue reading

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IONTW – September 10, 2017

Advice from a Food Desert. There’s a word for That. An incredibly specific one that you’ll probably never actually seriously use, but there’s a word. Be nice to your houseplants! Me. You. Us. Whose story is it? So much going … Continue reading

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IONTW – September 3, 2017

OK, I’m a little late to the party on it being the two-hundredth anniversary of Henry David Thoreau’s birth (July 12, 1817), but here’s a neat photo of Thoreau’s journal covers, and a lovely book from St. Brigid Press: A … Continue reading

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IONTW – April 16, 2017

Under dogs. Literally. They may look like plants, but they are actually elaborate cakes! Found in the NEW section of the library – The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook – a wonderful collection of stories about food, with recipes from 76 … Continue reading

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IONTW – March 26, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Cooked by Michael Pollan – read by the author! It’s a great exploration of the transformative power of cooking – both literal and figurative. Gourds of all sizes and shapes! and bowling ball yard art! … Continue reading

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something I think I’d like to know, #305

can all plants be grown from seed? and, if not, what percentage can?

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Euroadventure 2016! Day 9

< previous Of course it was sunny for our last night in Iceland, so it was bright out but I managed to fall asleep. I woke before it was time to get up, and unlike most times, it took a … Continue reading

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