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IONTW – March 19, 2017

Lake Berryessa spilling 1.5 feet on 3/4/2017 (bit slow with the post) – down from 3.6 feet over on 2/21 but still pretty dang cool. Historical highest level was 6.7 over in 1983! Nuclear Test Films from Lawrence Livermore Labs. … Continue reading

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IONTW – February 19, 2017

Day of Remembrance – 75th anniversary of issuance of Executive Order 9066. So. Much. Water. At peak, Oroville dam was releasing 100,000 CFS down the spillway to try to reduce the reservoir level. That works out to 64,627 MGD. If … Continue reading

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IONTW – January 1, 2017

All these years, and I hadn’t realized Carrie Fisher was (only) 19 when the real Star Wars was filmed. And likewise, all the times of having a Pap test, and yes, it is short for something – named after Georgios Papanikolaou (I … Continue reading

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IONTW – November 13, 2016

Castle in the Air is going to The Moon for the holidays. I haven’t been there yet, but the pictures look absolutely scrupmtious! Maps, maps, MAPS!!! Online rabbit hole to disappear down. I got to it from this article on … Continue reading

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another thing I don’t understand, #193

going somewhere – particularly the out in the natures sorta somewheres – you’ve never been before without a map

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the NaPoWriMo prompt was visual poetry – following right on the heels of printing from the case it all seems to go together related relative whatever you want to call it the physicality of the mark making making its mark … Continue reading

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Umpqua River Lighthouse

After riding along it for 5 days, it was like seeing an old friend to get a glimpse of the Umpqua River again, coming full circle to where it empties into the Pacific. There’s also a charming lighthouse, which was … Continue reading

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