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Workshop with Yoshikazu Fujimoto

The day after the wonderful concert from Yoko Fujimoto, we had a workshop from her husband, Yoshikazu Fujimoto, at Sonoma County Taiko. Most of the time we spent on Wachi Daiko, a festival piece from his home town. It’s exuberant and joyful, … Continue reading

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don’t know much about

I’m taking an anatomy class at the JC, the first session was Sunday afternoon. At the start, we introduced ourselves and why we were there. There’s a mix of folks there for general interest, some folks in or getting in … Continue reading

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North American Taiko Conference 2011

North American Taiko Conference had 3 two and a half hour long workshop sessions: the first on Friday afternoon, the second Saturday morning and the third Saturday afternoon. Many of the workshop leaders and assistants were from North America, but … Continue reading

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The beginning of April I took another cheesemaking class with Mary Karlin through Santa Rosa Junior College Community Education. This one was Making Mozzarella & Her Stretched Curds Relatives. These types of cheeses are also known as the pasta filata family. … Continue reading

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oh cheeses!

Although I bake, make sweets and sometimes even cook, it never occurred to me that making cheese would be something to do at home. Then I was looking through the Community Education schedule for Santa Rosa Junior College and there … Continue reading

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ahead of the curve

Some of the images Johannes showed us during the Experimental Typography workshop I attended recently at SFCB had curved lines of type. During the studio time he demonstrated a way to achieve this effect. 1. Set type as usual in straight lines with … Continue reading

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Experimental Typography

I came across the San Francisco Center for the Book when looking on the web for information about letterpress. I’d done other printmaking, but not letterpress, and then got a hand me down press from one of my uncles. I … Continue reading

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Taiko Baka!

Last weekend I had the amazing experience of participating in the Taiko Baka Odaiko Gasshuku and Shinobue Intensive in Sacramento. It was an extended training session on Odaiko (large drum) with Tiffany Tamaribuchi and Shinobue (bamboo flute) with Megan Chao … Continue reading

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Kaburaya workshop

Sonoma County Taiko was fortunate enough to host Kaburaya for a workshop recently. The group is from Hiroshima, they had performed at the Hiroshima Nagasaki Remembrance Event held by the Peace Crane Project. Their set was a lovely mix of … Continue reading

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never met a 4

This week’s poetry class lecture is on Metaphor. The form of Metaphor is X is Y, such as love is a cattle prod. or battlefield, if you want to stick to the original version. Using language in an unusual way … Continue reading

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