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IONTW – October 1, 2017

North Bay Letterpress Arts has a great slate of Fall classes available, including one each from Lisa Rappoport and Macy Chadwick, who usually teach in San Francisco or the East Bay, so this is a great opportunity to learn from them … Continue reading

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Cookie Butter Fluff Ice Cream

so, along with the lifetime supply of egg whites (OK, only fifty something…) there was also some leftover cookie butter and marshmallow creme, so… why not?! And! it’s a Philadelphia-style recipe, so it didn’t add to the egg white supply. … Continue reading

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Preserved Lemon Ice Cream and Avocado Oil Ice Cream

I have a big ole jar of preserved lemons lurking in my fridge. One of those recipes that piqued my interest and I actually made – although, can you really call putting lemons and salt in a jar a recipe? Anyway, … Continue reading

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Herb Me! Basil Ice Cream and Rosemary’s Baby Ice Cream

More savory flavors, I guess you could call them – those recipes I’ve been intrigued by but a little dubious about – ice cream is a DESSERT for cripes sake. But OK David, if you say so… and I had … Continue reading

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Spice Me! Pumpkin 5-Spice Ice Cream and Salt and Pepper Ice Cream

Maybe a little early for the pumpkin, but hey, I had a can kicking around, so why not. It really is a good flavor, even if it does get overdone at certain time of year. Or is it actually a … Continue reading

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Rjómasúkkulaði Ice Cream and Lakkrís Ice Cream

That would be Icelandic Milk Chocolate Ice Cream – stop – and Icelandic Licorice Ice Cream – two separate flavors, although as I’m writing this and thinking of the candy I tried, the chocolate/licorice bar was surprisingly tasty, so these … Continue reading

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Jesus Juice

I’d never heard of this before, it’s one from the Humphry Slocombe boys – their tribute to the King of Pop – which… red wine and cola, (what could go wrong there?) I’m not sure I want to know the … Continue reading

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