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of the way to 100 years she says as if that’s the goal 4/12/2016

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that place where

“I love you” would go if this were a conversation with one of my family after we’ve said what there is to say but before goodbye and hanging up the phone for now the space stays silent infinitesimal yet infinite

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on the heartbreaking ordinariness of my nephew’s fourteenth birthday party

It seems like just yesterday he was a little lump and now he’s a little dude! Fourteen years sounds like a long time but it’s flown by. He is getting taller, not a big growth spurt yet, but the planes … Continue reading

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on the second anniversary of my paternal grandmother’s death

Two years. A not insignificant period of time, although a year isn’t what it used to be. But still. Aren’t you over it? Especially since you weren’t close. Yes, I know “over it” is a myth, but still there are … Continue reading

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10th Annual Ice Cream for Dinner Day!

I saw this in my FB feed, and of course it caught my eye, so I clicked through – not that I need any encouragement in this department (if you eat it with a fork, it’s a meal!) – but … Continue reading

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get over it

the one question brings up another – do we ever really get over anything? Prompting a thoughtful response from a friend – With distance (time) comes emotional distance from the hurt; we can look back on it with more perspective. … Continue reading

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on my paternal grandmother’s hundred and first birthday

Which sounds like it could be the title for a poem, but it isn’t. At least this post isn’t, although it will include mention of a poem I wrote when my grandma died. Although is it weird to say her … Continue reading

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breakfast dishes

there’s that you helped last night and whether it’s your turn and if you cooked and who else isn’t helping and sometimes you do them anyway despite all that or because someone has to regardless that’s family the long and … Continue reading

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the future is now

2015 That sure sounds like the future, doesn’t it? Heck, 2000 used to sound like a big date milestone, and here we are, 15 years past that. Despite all the Y2K hoopla, the world didn’t end back then in 2000. … Continue reading

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Grandma Arnold

She was never the warm fuzzy Hallmark Grandma that I thought I was supposed to have. I used to think maybe it was just me, but reconnecting with cousins in the past few years and actually starting to talk about … Continue reading

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