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my Grandmother’s things

My paternal grandmother did not specifically designate recipients for any of her personal effects I guess they would be called. At least she did not will any to me. After she passed, it was “ask you uncle (executor/trustee) if there’s … Continue reading

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not then

but years later realized the silence that passed for approval was more like apathy 4/25/2016

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the only way he knew to say I love you except it wasn’t love exactly but that he cares for you wants you to make something of yourself be better you know 4/23/2016

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of the way to 100 years she says as if that’s the goal 4/12/2016

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that place where

“I love you” would go if this were a conversation with one of my family after we’ve said what there is to say but before goodbye and hanging up the phone for now the space stays silent infinitesimal yet infinite

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on the heartbreaking ordinariness of my nephew’s fourteenth birthday party

It seems like just yesterday he was a little lump and now he’s a little dude! Fourteen years sounds like a long time but it’s flown by. He is getting taller, not a big growth spurt yet, but the planes … Continue reading

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on the second anniversary of my paternal grandmother’s death

Two years. A not insignificant period of time, although a year isn’t what it used to be. But still. Aren’t you over it? Especially since you weren’t close. Yes, I know “over it” is a myth, but still there are … Continue reading

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