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Coconut Almond Ding

One of the things I ended up buying to fill up the honey box was a container of coconut sugar. Which I’d never seen before, but for some reason sounded intriguing. Seemed like a good idea at the time, as … Continue reading

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Malie Kai Chocolates

Another Farmer’s Market find! Hawaiian chocolate. I might have bought some anyway, but they were offering samples. A tiny cube, but so rich and tasty it was plenty satisfying. I splurged and got the full assortment: Dark and Milk bars … Continue reading

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more balls and oh fudge

Still hadn’t used all the beautiful puree of homegrown pumpkin, and was still in candy mode. I’d come across another pumpkin truffle recipe. This one incorporated cream cheese. So the balls were a bit more of a challenge to make, … Continue reading

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You might be a Virgo if …

You think people aren’t doing it right since they didn’t take the paper with the piece of candy. And that, in a two-layer box, you have to finish the first layer before you can start the second. And, do I … Continue reading

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Candied Bacon

Once again, I blame David. 1. He does not specify, but I have only ever done this with Bacon of Awesome. Your results may vary. 2. Sprinkle with golden brown sugar. 3. 400 degree oven. Flip and drag through melted … Continue reading

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Fun in Candyland

Partly for the holidays, partly to try something different since it’s not ice cream weather so much and also to use some of the ingredients I happened to have on hand, I’ve been off into the realms of candy. Although … Continue reading

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faux fudge

Apparently (I haven’t done it yet) REAL fudge involves a candy thermometer and a lengthy period of vigorous beating. But, I’ve found a couple of recipes that don’t require either! Who says there aren’t shortcuts worth taking? For chocolate fudge … Continue reading

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Shari’s Sweet Shoppe

Walking around the unexpectedly faux-Western downtown of Winthrop, WA, a sign in the Emporium window for Ice Cream caught my eye. Almost went in, but then saw (cue the heavenly music) Shari’s Sweet Shoppe across the street. Homemade ice cream! … Continue reading

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Second Chance Toffee Ice Cream

And sometimes you do get a chance to redeem yourself… It was supposed to be toffee, but for whatever reason it was not. But it did crumble up nicely and make a tasty mix-in to some vanilla ice cream!

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Salted Pumpkin Caramels

After the disappointing brittle and toffee, I’m not sure what I was thinking, trying more candy. But! Third time’s the charm. Or maybe that it’s a different type of candy. Or the planets were better aligned. Who knows. They weren’t … Continue reading

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