Santa Rosa Tool Library

For some folks, a project isn’t really a project unless you come out of it with a new tool, or tools, and I can certainly appreciate that. I love good tools, and the right tool for the job, but I only have so much space, and, although you might not be able to tell at the moment when looking at said space, I’m getting to the point in my life of trying to de-stuffify. Or at least be somewhat mindful about what things I add.

For a recent project I needed a post-hole digger and digging bar, but those weren’t items I felt like I’d need again in the future (wishful thinking?) or at least didn’t feel like storing. Hmn. Oh! There’s the Santa Rosa Tool Library! I forget now how I heard of them, I feel like it was a while ago, but I hadn’t signed up and borrowed anything before. They have an easy online form for registering, then I emailed what tools I was interested in borrowing and which of their open days I was planning to come pick them up. You can also (shudder) call.

After finding the Library’s location – they share space with a business, so it wasn’t super obvious to me on my first pass by – and a couple administrative details, I was on my way. The tools were in good condition, and – bonus? – wanting to get them back before I left town, and the Library only having certain days they are open – got me to finish the project quicker than I might have otherwise!

The Tool Library is an amazing community resource, providing tools for folks to use without having to buy them. They have an extensive list of available tools!

Side note: in searching for the Santa Rosa Tool Library, thegoogles also came up with a County of Sonoma Tool Lending Library! From their website: The Energy and Sustainability Division (ESD) Tool Lending Library (TLL) is a unique program that loans building measurement and diagnostic equipment free of charge to qualified Sonoma County professionals working on short term energy efficiency and demand reduction projects. Which doesn’t sound like it’s geared to homeowners, but still cool to have another library of shared resources.

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