Eat Your Veggies!

Boo for me the Shone Farm stopped doing their VBoA (Veggie Box o’ Awesome … AKA CSA) (which, as I’m writing that, I’m realizing that I started with the Shone Farm CSA when First Light Farm consolidated the delivery area for their CSA, and I’d been with First Light after Bloomfield Farms had lost their lease I think it was… am I the kiss of death for Sonoma County CSAs?) Hmn… maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the F.E.E.D (Farmers Exchange of Earthly Delights) Cooperative and the fantastic FEED bins I’ve gotten from them – an example of which is shown in the photo above. I’ve only gotten veggies, but they have various add-ons, like pasture raised meat and eggs, and locally made products like ferments. You can also donate bins! There are numerous pickup locations and options for home delivery.

The Shone Farm is still growing produce, with curbside pickup events, although it has not fit in my schedule to make one of those. There are a few more this year.

I also found Four Oak Farm, which had an online store allowing you to order and pick up specific items (rather than the “whatever’s in the box” of a CSA), which was great to be able to do as a customer, but difficult for them as a producer. For 2022 they are trying a pre-order system.

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